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The Rock N' Roll Guide to Building a Web Site

The Rock N' Roll Guide to Building a Web Site

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How much would this web page cost? How would I get this information to you? I also don't have a scanner at present -- what about graphics? And what about sound?

Thanks for the info.

Clicking on your icon will show you how much a commercial account would cost. In your case, probably $800-1,200 US for set-up and $30-50/month storage. But, we can make an exception for artists. How does nothing sound?

Clicking on my icon will take you to a library that tells you all about the programs we will be talking about. Though if you are like me, you'll hate reading those things. Let's just get to it, no?

How to get stuph on the 'net

1) text on you, your band, and other fun stuph should be emailed

2) graphics and pictures -- you will either need to:
a) create original art work on your computer, or
b) mail us photo's etc. via snailmail to Glistening Trail Records, PO Box 994, Blue Bell, PA 19422
(unless your have access to a scanner or digital camera or sumpin')

3) sound - if you have a sound card, you can patch anything into it ... probably with a mini-stereo plug on one end and a pair of left/right channel phono (rca type) plugs on the other end. Do you have a sound program that will record? If not I can tell send you one, or you can mail a tape, cd or mini-disc to the above address.

And here is what I'm thinking ... we will use our email in the Rock N' Romper section of the Internet Gazette as a sort-of Rock N' Roll Guide to Building a Web Site.

Is it ok to publish your letters? If so, I'll put 'em together as a reference guide ... you might say "a cool way to learn about webbing". Do you see where I'm coming from? *implike grin*

c u 'round

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