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Are you absolutely clueless as to what to do? If so, you may want to review some of the options in the "Web Basics" section. In the event that you are prepared to order web space, please skip down to the order form.

Web Basics

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The Basic Plan

  • Basic Web Plan. Up to 5M of space for $30/month.**


  • Additional space at $5.00/month for each additional 1M.
  • Forms. Seventy-five cents per form used, plus a one-time set-up charge -- $50 for our standard forms. Price quotes available for unique forms.
  • E-mail links. Ten-cents per letter sent.
  • Passwords. Fifty-cents per password used. PLUS a one time set-up charge.
  • Financial Services. Credit card services to financial consulting.
  • Sound studio. We will create any sound you desire. (Click on the box if you would like more information. Price will vary depending on size and difficulty -- $5 to $500,000.)
  • Photo and graphics studio. We will create any sight you like. (Click on the box if you would like more information. Price will vary depending on size and difficulty -- $5 to $500,000.)
  • Need help setting up?
    Consultation is available at $50/hour, or we can teach you how to edit your own pages ($250/hr.) Virtual webservers and virtual email addresses are available.
    Please describe your consultation needs:

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    Snailmail. Payment instructions will follow.

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    Thank you.

    Thirty (30) days notice is required by you before cancellation. Glistening Web Communication Corporation (GWCC) reserves the right to cancel your lease at any time. GWCC is not responsible for your behavior, nor anyone else's, on the Internet.

    **The 5M for $30 Basic Plan allows for 10M of information exchange/month. Bytes transmitted above 10M will be charged at $2.00 per 1M.