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Honey Bane Meets the Webdrone

Quasi-famous English rock star, Honey Bane, was reading this very page when he said:

"Hi, for some strange reason your not accepting my username and password. I'm a rock singer based in London England, and I am thinking about going to Germany to check out some labels that might be into my butt booting metal.
from HONEY BANE...."

Cool ... the reason it won't take your name is that you need to buy ... or find, a subscription first.

The Rock N' Roll Romper Room is an on-line 'zine ... but, if you want to take part, I'll throw some free passwords your way.

What do ya say?

I would of course be very interested in any way you feel you could help my band ... what are the options we might be looking at?

We've been advised that our style would go down very well in Europe ... Germany in particular (as they have a much more thriving rock scene than we have in Britain.) I've been thinking about taking a trip out there to try and set up some meetings with labels to play them some material. I'd be glad of any thoughts you have.

Look forward to hearing from you ... where are you based by the way?

First off, rule number one -- don't listen to advise about your style. In fact if you click on my icon, it will take you to one of our contacts with the German label, Zoth Ommog. I'ld say you are better off putting your energies to work on the 'net. Second, consider giving yourself additional business and management education. Trusting your future to greedy businessmen (and women) is unlikely to produce the end results you're looking for. We've a coupla' ways right here:

  • The Basics
  • Glistening Trail Records Correspondence (by the way, you're soaking in it.)

    And ... well, we are getting about 5,000 hits a day at The Rock N' Roll Romper Room. If you want to email some info. on the band, and send either computer files or hard copies of sound clips and photos ... then, we could help you put together a web site ... and connect it up to the internet ... with your own url address.

    We could help network ... er ... a ... make that "webwork" you with other artists and music types on the world wide web ... plus everyone could see what you are all about.

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