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The Membrane Domain

Why You Should Sirf With Us


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The technological world of science has recently given back to mankind the life and voice it allowed the ill intentioned to take away from us. The free and unhindered accesss to the Internet is allowing websites to proliferate freely. Unlimited access to information is available to anyone with access to a computer.

At the time our forefathers were fighting for freedom against the British, they knew the importance of having control over their own media. They understood that nation building needed the free and unhampered flow of intellect and ideas enabling them to make a land free of the tyranny they left behind in their respective homelands ... how to make good information and services available to everyone, yet not have it tainted by some ulterior motive?

So, here we have such attempt with "The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment" ... where the free flow of ideas may become more available to all. We want to be involved in world building. By "world building" we mean helping to bridge the gap of understanding in mankind.

Will this lead to a "utopia" here on earth? Maybe not. However, it does not hurt to move in this direction, does it?

Maybe if more of humanity were on the "same page," some of the many injustices that occur today could be minimized in the future.

We invite everyone, from all over the globe, to participate in our "experiment." Your thoughts, words, art, music and money are welcome within the many facets of our website. Even if you do nothing more than helping to stop censorship on the internet, you participation is appreciated!

Please feel free to contribute whatever you would like to "The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment." We welcome your thoughts and commentary. And in keeping with the spirit of things, we have hidden secret links throughout the web.

So? Go on out there and have sum phun!