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The Membrane Domain

The Music

The Music

Glistening Trail Records is a unique record label. If you were to venture to the other side of a black hole, this is how a record label would look-- the antithesis of a modern-day, "poser" factory. Unlike many other record labels, the goal of the business is to allow for freedom. Bands are not restricted under the guise of "grooming." In fact, bands are not bands. The purpose of this record label is not to distort your perceptions, but rather to invite you in to see the view.

The seven musical projects completed as part of The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment are "clickable" below. All songs are written and performed live or "Handcrafted Music" for more details.)

You are welcome to just listen. However, if you would like to change your life, you may participate.

The music is only a small part of the experiment. We also seek a group of individuals interested in volunteering for our think-tank, creating animation, writing and a host of other activities -- people interested in changing the World.

So far, it appears as though the experiment will be a success. We hope you'll join in the slugfest or at least in the free association.

Click on the name of any musical project to view the details.

Individuals under 18 years of age must read our
  • The Cave Dwellers
  • Mother Nature's Suns
  • A Bizarre Bazaar
  • Falling Angels
  • R.S.D.
  • Yzark
  • The Electric Slugs
  • cd d:\industrial\noize\pollution