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First, a disclaimer:

The think-tank is an independent organization made up of volunteer members. The membership is not paid for their contribution. There is no professional advice given. If you need professional advice you should ask your attorney, physician, psychiatrist, mommy, daddy, or a policeman first. The think-tank is neither owned nor operated.

Join the slugfest.

So please, come join in and slug it out with the "tank." As a member you can choose to offer your view on questions, or you may ask questions. The sky is the limit. No. I take that back. Even the sky can't hold us back. No question too large nor too stupid.

Example of some questions that have been answered:

How can I take advantage of interest arbitrageur? When painting over an oil base semi-gloss, how should I prepare the surface? How long should it take me to double my money? What is the best tire buy for a Blazer? How do I down-load software? What is the best type of mortgage for me? And many more. Go ahead. Join in.

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