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Handcrafted Music

Handcrafted Music

What do we mean - handcrafted? Well, to start with, only the musicians have anything to do with the recording process. A player sets up his own equipment and recording levels. The sound of unrehearsed tones are then captured using the simplest method available. ( Currently we like going through 1 or 2 microphones right to Sony Mini-Discs. See "B.R.O.U.S.E." for more details. ) No meddling allowed.

Of course this isn't what you have been spoon fed for the last ump-teen years. How to best describe it? Perhaps a simile-like metaphor would help illustrate:

Hamburg vs. Thanksgiving dinner.

The hamburg you are use to hearing was prepared using the "put-em-through-tha-grinder" method depicted in Diagram "A."

The Thanksgiving feast we try to prepare uses the "give-it-from-tha-heart" method -- no agents, managers, producers, engineers, executive decisions, marketing plans, or preconceived writing of songs.

So, you might have to butter your own bread. If you don't like the cranberry sauce, don't eat it. You know? If it doesn't sound right, get involved.*

No need to be afraid. Everyone is a musician, so please, come and join us.

Dinner's ready!



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