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The Membrane Domain


Bringing Reality Out Using Spiritual Emotion


B.R.O.U.S.E. is a philosophy bound to create a positive change in your life. Various religions ... in fact, most all forms of religion (spiritual,) various athletic activities ... in fact, most all forms of athletics (physical,) and various thinking activities ... in fact, most all thinking activities (mental) are hindered by our own restraint - our own inhibitions.

There are internal forces working against you:

patterns of learned behavior. Why is it necessary to practice something over and over? You probably were taught that way - "here are your spelling words. Repeat them until you know them perfectly." The B.R.O.U.S.E philosophy says, "hog wash! Rote and knowledge have little to do with each other." We might even go so far as to say they are mutually exclusive.

There are external forces working against you:

the definition of creativity has been argued since cave men began painting images on cave walls with various types of clay. When critic caveman did not like, or perhaps did not understand, the images that artist caveman portrayed on said wall, he simply said, "ugh" and hit artist caveman resoundingly on his low sloped forehead with a large club. The problem with much of today's criticism is how it views creativity (ie., visual, musical, and conceptual notions) as acceptable or not acceptable - "This is wrong!" (Bash! to the forehead.) Unfortunately, current political trends favor being critics of creativity, as well. A strong force within our government that will use academic and religious values to say, "Free expression is dangerous! Restrict the free expression." External forces like these tend to cause fear. Fear, in itself, tends to cramp free expression.

Sure, we have had these threatening internal and external forces before, but why not overcome them ... or more accurately, why not flow past them?

Our effort is to illicit a common thread of unity linking all onto a common ground of understanding - like a web for the human race. Creativity is not something to smugly observe and censure just because it does not fit within the bounds of some groups' credo, or because one has never had a particular experience. Creativity, when experienced without preconception, can evoke in us a oneness transcending (but not in conflict with) religious belief. We need a bastion where free expression can continue to flourish. You, too, can learn to unlearn. You can remove the stone walls you've placed around your spiritual, mental, and physical abilities.

Welcome to the Philadelphia Spirit Experiment.

We hope to help you bring reality out using spiritual emotion.