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The Membrane Domain

Please welcome Digital Yoda

Welcome to the Romper Room. It is a pleasure to add another multi- instrumentalist to the roster. Something about being able to play many instruments fascinates me.

Well, it can certainly feel awesome.

Watching you record Horton's Wood Shed was a treat, and I thank you.

Particularly amazing was the fact that you use no multi-track equipment.

Recording the music live, as we write it, can produce interesting results. For instance, on this album we used no distortion techniques to achieve the effect. In fact, the severe distortion happened by accident. Since we recorded this album on a Sony Mini-Disc, we had to use a mix-board. (There is no reasonable way to hook a microphone into it.)

Our drummer, Solid Bone, had an old $65 Radio Shack mixer. Unbeknownst to us, it wasn't working so swell. Then after I listened to the end result a few times, I said, "All right! This is drastic."

The entire album is about working on the computer. The opener, Profuse Bleeden-Eden (.10M) is about that feeling you get when you can't figure out how to configure your software, and then ... when you finally do .... The song, ftp 'oed (.04M) is about an Infa' Bahn pirate that tried to illegally ftp files out of our machine.

So, the free distortion was a blessing in disguise -- it fit the mood.

What do you say we let the home audience watch as Glistening Trail Management continues to peddle your wares to the "big boys?"

First, we'll make your music available by order form and through the Tunnel Network. And, a traditional distribution arrangement wouldn't hurt.

Perhaps Sub-Pop ( ) and Zoth Ommog ( ) would be good places to start. If nothing else, Sub-Pop should at least be good for a laugh. Do you remember the "reject" letter I showed you? The one they sent the Electric Slugs?

... here is what had to say ....

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