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The Membrane Domain

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Extraordinary! It was the beginning of a long adventure into space... the final frontier For the first time, new members of the Philadelphia Spirit Experiment played together. Over a twenty-six hour period, spanning 180 miles and two terrains (land and water) unprecedented combinations of experimentors were subject to each other. Needless to say, another chapter was written for the cyberpedia of music.

Think of that, my guitar and me, musical history?!? Not quite, more like musical hysteria! I think my penchant for psychedelic diddling and fiddling lends itself to the spontaneous music underground quite well.

Having arrived somewhere in the middle of the marathon, I missed the "cove jam". (Two members became stranded in a boat. Since they had portable recording equipment and instruments, it turned into an S.O.S. recording session.) But once in tune and warmed up, I got to feeling like reeling! I'm not sure what I think at any given moment when the axe is strapped on, but I do what feels good.

I never played with Zoo-Lou before. A perpetually new flavor! We gelled on some dual guitars, but Lou's drumming put me in grooveland. The jams went for 4 hours that night. Digital Yoda, Solidbone, Zoo-Lou and Wally-Mon. You'll hear guitars, drums, keyboards, vocals, congas, and bongos, but never more than 4 people playing, writing, and recording. There are no overdubs! Nothing was written or rehearsed! You get to hear it all unfold before your very ears.

Quite a group, fours guys, multiplexiple instrumentationalisticalists. And who knows when the next time will be? We shall see.

The Tune-Age

Move Along
If You Ever Had A Gleam (.1M)
Space Child (.16M)
Doin' Her On Jupiter
I Would do Most Anything for You
Evil Science
White Noize
Let the O2 Through
Too Much Free Time
bonus disc tracks
Everybody's Runnin' 'Round
Stranded In Paradise

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