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A Perspective by ZooLou

Mohs' Scale: 1.9

It was a sunny and hot July weekend. The place was "The Lake House" located on the banks of Lake Wannonah in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania. This is where we go to enjoy our weekends water skiing, snorkeling, fishing, and most of all JAMMING.

****** (insert your name here), who is the most talented in the band, wanted to record a live acoustical jam on the boat at one of our favorite spots on the lake called "The Cove". As I began to load the guitars on to the boat, I new this jam session would be unique because of the creativity that emerges from us when we jam together.

It was a pristine scene when we entered The Cove. We anchored the boat along a tree line that sheltered us from the intense sun rays. As we began to hook up the microphones, the piter-pater of the water hitting the boat put us in a mesmorizing trance. A cool breeze whispered through the trees as we were ready to embark into our journey of dueling acoustical guitars.

As ****** hit the record button, a compilation of melodies erupted through the wilderness. Much to our satisfaction, the journey was a success, and will always be a memorable one. Hope you will enjoy the tunes as much as we did. We're offering a hand crafted tape for $5.99 ... just click here to order.

PS ... forgot to mention that the motor died prior to starting, and we were forced to jam 'till we could get a tow ... and ... oh yeah ... we had trouble with our stuph but managed to get a fairly clean digital master that we press each tape from ; )