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The Membrane Domain

Webdrone, Zoth Ommog Records, Capt. Figment (Drummer), Lazlow, and G?


Webdrone helps maintain webpages, sings, and sings about webpages.


Zoth is the one and the same record company from Germany. They know how to kick butt with heavy music ... but, their English?


Miguel Angel Gallardo Ortiz -- Cryptologist and University Lecturer. Miguel is our corespondent in Spain. I'm guessing he has the best secret decoder ring in town, and he is also an authority on gambling and money.

Captain Figment

Captain Figment is a drummer in a rock n' roll band. His hobbies include: video animation, writing, and civil engineering.


Lazlow broadcasts over the Underground Network. The Underground Network is:
WFAL 101.1 Cape Cod Mass
WRGL 94.1 Nashville Tenn
KDRE 101.1 Little Rock Ark
107.1 KFTH Memphis Tenn
WWCP 96.7 Albany NY
103.9 WIBF Philadelphia Penn
WMRW 98.5 Hamptons-LI
and the original 92.7 WDRE in NY, NY

G? B.R.O.U.S.E.

G? B.R.O.U.S.E. operates The Internet Gazette and Glistening Trail Records (and prefers to remain anonymous).

... And, there is more?

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