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Now We're Havin' Fun

psehelp wrote:
what about da rombox roller coasters weekend?

capn', sparky n' da rombox roadcrew responded:

we waz rollin and coastin'.

bambi and the boys were quite bizarre, a lotta fun and grateful. bambi said we were internet angels... bambi is a whole lotta woman.

we tried to then go over to a jonglers show on the other side.... of miami. but we got quite lost in the wrong part of town. it appears that every street in downtown miami is either called first avenue or brickell.

(time=the next day place=miles away in an udder part of FL)
carl gardner (of the Coasters) liked the cd. he and his wife thought it was very cool. we filmed them listening to most of it.

carl made these comments about the songs/bands:

u move me - i like that, it's got a cool jazz beet. chaotic systems - i like that, it's really different S.H.I.T.S. - i never heard anything like that before, i like it Stop That Noise - That's really cool. That's only two people??

we then swung buy the beach to film a full moon rise over the atlantic, hopefully it will turn out.

psehelp queries:

wanna get some clips together for on CDROM #10?

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