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The Membrane Domain

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The Compilation Album

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Songs are listed in order of appearance, followed by writing credits, the performing artist and the website address.

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  1. Can't Hang 2:40
    Stop That Noise
  2. Steppin' Stone 3:25
    Catching Flies
  3. For Reals 2:50
    Andy Cahan
  4. Testing, Testing, Testing (Acoustical Experiments in Chaos Theory) 3:39
    (Philadelphia Spirit Experiment)
    Chaotic Systems
  5. 2109 3:55
  6. Bow Before The King 4:19
    (J. Mitchell)
  7. Four Letters 5:09
    Stop That Noise
  8. Daybreak 3:36
    (P. Iovannone)
    Rocko T. Bello
  9. I Was A Soul 5:01
    (Nude/Brian Lucey)
  10. The Ride 1:08
    (Philadelphia Spirit Experiment)
    Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers
  11. Good Rocking Tonight 4:15
    Carl Gardner
  12. U Move Me 2:55
    The Jongleurs
  13. Pooney Kat 4:30
    (Alysia-Hairston III)
    Gray Matters
  14. Let Us Live 4:29
    Andy Cahan
  15. Takin' It Back 3:36
  16. Info-Combustible 1:58
    (Philadelphia Spirit Experiment)
    Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers
  17. Somebody Done Changed the Lock on my Door 3:20
    Carl Gardner
  18. Bright Eyes 2:55
  19. C'mon In 5:01
    Catching Flies

album cover

Cover Art by Edmo and Artstar Productions

Album & Video Production by Glistening Trail Productions

Richard Ace appears courtesy of Worldbeat Records.

Bob Marley and Burning Spear appear courtesy of Studio One.

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Three Cool Cats / Not Like Being With You 2:44
John, Paul, George and.... / Industrial Noize Pollution


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