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Review of "The Electric Slugs, Join the Slugfest"--as seen in...

The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment is a grass-roots organization with one goal, bringing out the goodness of mankind. A very good idea for sure. How they want to do this is through music. They have a series of seven musical projects (now eight and growing) where the players have attempted to remove their inhibitions from the music making process. All the music and lyrics are written and recorded live.

The initial results are music with meaning for all tastes. They sent me a tape from "The Electric Slugs, Join the Slugfest." This is some interesting music. I was expecting something different and that's what I got. This tape is rock and roll that has it's moments. I enjoy it at times, because it is so different and done the way I'd like to do music; just grab the instruments and start doing it. Don't take that the wrong way either, these people can play their instruments. They just let it flow and have fun. If your into interesting things and like trying new and unusual music, check this out. Write and ask for a catalog.

Brouse* P.O. Box 994 Blue Bell, PA 19422 *BROUSE = Bringing Reality Out Using Spiritual Emotion