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The Membrane Domain

Spontaneous Combustion

Digital Yoda

What do you get when you combine earth, wind, and water in just the right combination ... Spontaneous Combustion. This album is completely live and unadulterated. In fact, it was spontaneously recorded in one evening. There have been no over-dubs or knob tinkering. No sequencers where used. The songs where recorded directly to a digital source. Since the manufactures of the "consumer" electronics have prevented any manipulation (like fading in or out) of the original source, you hear it exactly as it was played. So what? Well, you may find it un-*%#&in' believable that there are never more than three people playing ... thus, the spontaneous combustion!

The album starts out with "earth" rockers and progresses through more fluid "water" and "wind" songs. No matter what, your mother will hate it. (Mother told me it sounded like I was making human sacrifices.) If you would like to hear more details, check out this interview from the Rock N' Roll Romper Room or follow along as they seek out Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love

Mohs Scale rating = 8

Rock n' roll to move to and to move you.

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Earth Quake -- percussion

Wind Storm -- bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals

Aqua Mann -- vocals, guitars, synthesizers, world wide web sounds and bongos

Special world wide web appearances by:

Dr. Sidd




Let The Wagons Roll (17M wav file download)
About Crond.... (24M wav file download)
No, Na No You Shouldn't Have
Whole Lotta Love*
Space Race
The Calamity of the Clarity of the Polarity
Ya Hear What I Said?
How Long can This go on?
Fan(fare) The Flames
The Inertia of Love
Capsized Canoe (The Air Under There)
Move it That Special Way
Underwear Under Where?
How Bizarre
Next To You


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*Whole Lotta Love written by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones & John Bohnham