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The Membrane Domain

Drums, Guitar & Bass (dgb)

The rhythm that is life. You come to life the moment that your heart starts beating. And, if you are fortunate, it will keep the beat for a long, long time. But, is that all that life is... a simple... constant beat?

Is the frequency and intensity of the beat what we refer to as "emotions that are from the heart"? Is the chaotic rhythm of the ventricular system our soul?

This multimedia project attempts to scratch the surface. Though it is a simple scratch test, the multiple dimensions of the chaotic system provide for multiple facets. Does that make it multifaceted multidimensional multimedia?

In any event, here are some basics:

The scene:
A few simple souls gathered in the midst of atrocities... waiting for the pizza pie to be delivered.

Drum kit, Ibanez bass, Ibanez electric guitar

War drums at

Part x
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  1. It's a Lull-a-bye
    What happens when a lull is over?

  2. Just Shootin' (Cowboy Love Song)
    Additional photos and motion pictures of the atrocities occurring all around. (Courtesy of the Department Of Defense, CSPAN, NATO, the Air Force and Navy)

  3. Through the Eye of a Needle
    An introspective look at examining the outside world. Don't even blink!

Part y
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  1. Just When I Thought I Was Fixated....
    I'm standing there... minding my own business... when he says to me, "Mind if I play the bass for a while? You can play the guitar." As it turns out, this is a perfect song to illustrate the fundamental principle I seek to understand -- how can I adapt in a fluid situation?

  2. Stay Hungry
    So, we shut the camera's down 'cause we figure the pizza had to arrive any second. Twenty minutes later still no pizza. This is where the camera comes back on.

  3. We're Coming Through... Today!
    The cowboys ride off into the sunset.

That's it. Well, that is it for now. Some of these rhythm tracks will be planted... and, hopefully they will grow.

Keeping In Time

The Membrane Domain

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