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The Membrane Domain

About the Internet Christmas Album

Thought Provoking

New... fun... familiar... yet, different....

Most importantly, the album is meant to be thought provoking. Whether it's the emotion of shear pleasure evoked by These are Some of My Favorite Things, or the paradox of We Three Kings of Orient Are, the intent is to interact with the listener.

During these chaotic times, please take some time to think about the bigger picture. Each song has at least one path toward the light. See if your senses are in tune. Do You Hear What I Hear?

Original Multimedia Productions

The music, video and production where obtained through the same process -- realized eschatology. (i.e. realizing heaven on Earth)

To the best of our knowledge, there is no other group practicing this method of writing and recording. Or for that matter, no other group practicing this form of religion. We welcome all neighbors to join-in and sing along.


The Show

Click here to open the album. We hope you enjoy the Christmas Treasures.


Jesus - If it wasn't for his birthday....
God - Humans, crickets, lightening, snow, etc. And, what if he didn't go with the Jesus thing...?

The Children - Vocals
Capn - Drums, Dog and Video
Wally - Guitar and Vocals
C. Moore - Keyboards, Piano, Guitar and Vocals
Glistening Flicks - Multimedia Production
Digital Yoda - Sound Engineering
Presbyterian Church - Additional Vocals and Video
Axis Design and Impact Tech. - Additional Animation
Zoo Lou - Vocals on Silver Bells
Bob - Additional Bass and Keyboards
PSE Help - Webmastering
GWCC - Marketing and Distribution
PhilaNet - Marketing
Sidd - Systems & Tech. Support

All music is written and recorded spontaneously.
The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment Publishing Company
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