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The Membrane Domain

Putting People on the 'Net



1992 graduate of Drexel University
BS in materials engineering

Professional Experience

Developing products that are used to turn plain, old sand
into microprocessors. Those particular devices
happen to be the backbone of everything
from your coffee maker to your cellular phone
and, Oh Yeh, your computer.

In the course of the above was project management, manufacturing scale-up,
lots of polymer research and development, microscopy, and "other duties as assigned".

Other Experience

Bringing the internet to people who want to be on there.
People are the key!
Without ourselves, what would we have?


Guitar playing (809k avi file) is my favorite pastime.
I have a Gibson SG(13k jpg file), an Ibanez ES-370, an Epiphone 6 string acoustic and a
Takamine 12 String acoustic.
I use a Fender Pro Reverb tube amp with two 12" speakers.

Check out the latest release from one of my bands.

Ultimate frisbee is the next pastime, but a bum knee has put the brakes on.
At this point in my life, however, something has lit a
fire under my butt. So now, I am concentrating
on making money. What's gotten into me?


Where will I find time to build
my home studio? that you can listen to my music (318 k avi file) after
I record it digitally onto the computer?

Points to Ponder
  • The time is now to put your hand in the technology goldmine!
  • Music can be done spontaneously without any particular point
    ....or you could have a point to it. It has to have feeling though!
    (Many seem to be overchallenged by that thought).
  • Who'll stop the rain?

    My services in, association with Glistening Web Communications(GWCC),
    include, but are not limited to, web page production, multimedia production,
    training, consulting and you name it.