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The following has to do with an experiment being conducted by The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment.

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Well, Baby....

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Have you ever heard it said that you are born with all knowledge? And that... perhaps... you could tap into that knowledge if you would let your self imposed walls come down? That from the time you are a child forces cause you to block the light? We're attempting to let the light shine through. A group of people letting their guard down long enough to see what is out there... and we'd love to have ya'. So, we said, "what if we pick up a guitar... a bass... a mandolin, harmonica, drum stick or have a seat on the piano stool and see what happens? Could we spontaneously combust?"

What we found were songs woven from the thread of traditional music like bluegrass, folk, Western, Gallic, and the blues. As the participants have little in the way of "formal musical training," the question emerges: were the tones within the person at birth, or were they acquired through osmosis after birth?

The songs have been assembled into four compilations according to emotional intensity:

  1. mild toe tappin'
  2. finger snappin'
  3. slightly drastic
  4. quite spaztic

    For instance, Led Zeppelin's songs are quite often rooted in the blues. Robert Plant has said that he loves to listen to Led Belly and other blues heroes. Perhaps this musical instinct was innate in Robert, John Paul, John and Jimmy. Or, perhaps it was acquired through osmosis. In any event, it's fun to feel 'em get in the groove. Though the original songs were milder toe tappin' and finger snappin' tunes, Zeppelin's renditions usually fall in the slightly drastic to quite spastic realm. So too, are the results of our experiment... only these songs were written and recorded on-the-spot (with the exception of the Dixieland jazz... er, a... Dixieland punk versions of Foreigner's Hot Blooded, Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way, and Led Zeppelin's Black Country Woman 9.4M wav file.)

Are you willing to let your guard down?

The Conductors

acting, vocals, harmonica, and percussion

drums, percussion and vocals

Wally Mohn
electric and acoustical guitars, bass and vocals

C. Moore
vocals, piano, mandolin, harmonica, flute, electric and acoustical guitars, keyboards, bass, and all the etc. sort-a things

2nd Grip

kanjeree, guitar, bass, percussion, and so on

pitch bender, lighter, and culinary tools

viola, walking drum. and percussion

vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica on Black Country Woman

Sweet Pea
backing vocals on Well, Baby

Peter D. Ought
bass, electric and acoustical guitars, keyboards, and vocals

production by Digital Yoda

Sample of Song Titles


All music and lyrics are recorded spontaneously.