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The Membrane Domain

The following is an outline of things I have on hand to offer and, then, a briefing of proposals for some projects I have in mind, just to see if there is any linkage of interests.

On hand:

  1. A nineteen minute docu-drama which was recognized by the New York Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney for "capturing the duree of conscious," (accomplished through a complex soundtrack and sensitive editing). It involves footage from the Short North just when renovation began, mixed with the attempted assassination of Reagan. It is poetic in nature, both capturing the essence of poverty and movement toward idiocy and sorcery as well as an overall design that bespeaks in favor of renewal.

  2. A thirty minute tape made in Chicago, again docudrama, or expressionist materialism about the comparison between Marxist and capitalist theories with spiritual overtones. Again, heavy on the soundtrack and involving sub-dramas that deal with war and fashion. I have intended to cut it down as it is a bit long in parts. It involves special effects before computer imagery.

  3. A multi media text, 1/3 completed on Authorware, about Stanley Kubrick, specifically a historical and structural perspective on 2001: A Space Odyssey. Embodied in this phenomenological analysis of the film is a structure for multi-media based on a theory of epiphanies and deep structure; i.e. a phenomenological model for multi-media. We never did transfer it to CD Rom or video, but Collis Davis, who is now abroad has the original material.

Proposals in progress: Love, work (pathways for the future), and garage theatre - the sacra of culture (children based).

  1. The work on love is basically one of definition, involving perspectives by which we can regard the subject of love or interpersonal communications that are not necessarily sexually driven; such as, an energy orientation, a spiritual orientation, a personality or mythological orientation. The focus is to help people want to understand each other, rather than being concerned with being understood, or to inspire an audience to view love and its cultivation as an art form.

  2. The second most subject which seems to preoccupy people is the issue of work and life purpose. Focus for the exploration of this subject was refined during my trip in Canada, because a lot more entrepreneurs in our age group are looking toward the preservation of their culture with a certain preventative approach; i.e. to prevent garbage, chaos and demise by preparing pathways for the youth. Secondly, it arises because I have sometimes felt, partly because I have had so much difficulty even with the advantage of advanced education, that conditions could become very critical in our culture if we don't look toward the future. So, this is a work meant to motivate concern and action over quality of life issues by presenting the kind of framework that might inspire cooperation.

    One way to generate cooperation is to organize loosely structured companies which can plan not only for the short term profit incentive, but for long range kinds of organization and activities that help to improve upon the cultural base. By using a Walt Disney model which involves brainstorming as well as experiencing how ideas might get manifested through action in the five sensing realm, by the participants of his company. The goal is that ideas would arrive for the kinds of business that can lead to social impact. This could be achieved through a kind of chain reaction in which initial communications products serve as a kind of game plan for further kinds of action and investment. Since the goal is to generate new pathways of activity that are based in quality and a wholesome perspective toward work, the gameplan communications would help people both in the area of ideas, navigation and networking.

    Another way of saying this is that cultural effects would be kept on the horizon in any endeavor. For instance, a series on life styles could be devoted to the aim of developing land sculpture throughout the city. Not only could it connect people from seemingly divergent pathways and help them to feed each others business ideas, but they would be working for something that visibly and tangibly effects the future of the youth. There are a million ideas to talk about here, the main issue being how communications projects are organized and communicated.

  3. Regarding your mention of the Federal funding for Children's television, I have long had an idea about going back into childhood, into the realm of game playing and bring the format forward for the sake of making statements not only for social change but the enhancement of everyday culture with the sensibility of sacra.

    I view these video tapes as being shot a docu-drama, i.e. involving parts which are both documentary or realism (improv) and structured formalist pieces. Structured like music or theatre, they would involve a theme based on some lesson that is wisdom related, juxtaposed to a reality (culturally defined) that is represented by various games that children might play. So, they would involve both education and entertainment, but represent cultural contexts by which we might have a voice to effect cultural change or bring attention to the things that need to be attended to if we are to have a bright and hopeful future.

    So, it might be viewed in form as a text and chorus response, or as using right brain, left brain, rational, intuitive approach to comment on each other and to also approach the issue of learning styles. These kinds of exhibitions could be carried forward into the community by promoting actual live garage theatre in the neighborhoods and therefore, would involve job creation for a few teachers or guides. But once again, on the level of deep structure these programs could serve as game plans to help generate pathways in business.