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Directing qualified traffic to your website, and analyzing the resulting web and sales activities, are crucial success elements in generating web-based business revenues.

e-Marketing is employed within our scores of domains (including,,, (and,,,, and which includes links from appropriate business and community indexes.

A banner bar advertising campaign is provided for the first 90 days at no additional charge. The ad will appear across our network and allow a viewer to "click through" to your website. Traffic is monitored by our webmaster and marketing specialists with the intent of driving potential customers to client's sites with often uncanny precision. This is a critical, and largely overlooked, determinant of a website's success. Not only is there a thorough analysis of multiple sophisticated software statistical packages, but there is also a thorough review of the network traffic. The traffic is monitored on a daily basis with the intent of increasing the quality and quantity of the visitors. And, our traffic analysis software can be used to document measurable, material results.

Additional marketing efforts consist of (but are not limited to):

  1. Posting to appropriate search engines, directories, newsgroups, hotlists, business guides, and other indexing services.
  2. Applying for award recognition.

In a very typical recent case, a GWCC client's website was mounted on the web. Through specialized, expert posting/registration mechanisms, the employment of discrete traffic direction, and a wide variety of marketing techniques, this client's traffic quickly climbed to over 16,000 visitors per month. Over 50% of these "hits", or site visits, originated directly with "traffic directed" visits from GWCC's other websites, while the other half originated with search engine inquiries. A substantial number of GWCC's clients' sites receive some 90% of their site's "hits" as a direct result of GWCC domain traffic direction, demonstrating the efficacy of this strategy.

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Please let us know how we can serve you in achieving your goals.

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