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The Membrane Domain

What a Business Should Know About The Internet and The World Wide Web (WWW)

What is the internet?

The internet is an international network of computer databases. Fifty-five million individuals currently access information and interact with "hosts." By the end of the decade, estimates suggest five hundred and fifty million internet users. As the tale goes, the U.S. and other government computers connected with educational sites. Through phone lines, data bases are made available to anyone having internet access. You can "talk" in real time, send email, search data banks, and view the world wide web.

The www.

The world wide web (www) is the most user friendly method to show products and services on the internet. To borrow a famous advertising quote ... "You're soaking in it." You are at this very moment viewing the web. How an individual views the web is dependent on many things. By clicking here, you can learn more about sirphin' the 'net.

The important part is what you can do -- almost anything: (We're still working on scent.)

Here is an example:

Let's say you wanted to sell ... cyber-widgettes. You could obtain a "homepage address": an identity that allows people to find you on the internet. How about ? (So, go ahead and click on our new address. You could also write the address in the "go to URL" option of most viewers.)