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So your planning an adventure and where do you start? If your planning a multi-day excursion with a group of people, it can take as long or longer than your trip to plan for your trip. This is where Pac-it can help you and your party get organized in less time and hopefully without forgetting anything. Your party will be well informed and prepared about what is taking place when and where.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a calendar for your adventure showing the beginning date, end date and all points in between?
Wouldn't it be nice to have the names, addresses and phone numbers of the people in your party at fingertips reach?

Wouldn't it also be nice to have a daily food plan with your own recipes (or selected from over 500 other recipes) ,
and a shopping list (as you select the item off the shelf you mark it for the appropiate meal) and a daily packing list (Breakfast lunch and dinner items for day one, day two and so on)
Equipment can be tagged with a name, so no more "I thought you were bringing the stove!". The tedious job of planning and having to tell people what task they are associated with (shopping, packing, cooking, cleaning, toilet detail, etc.) is made easy with the tools of Pac-it

Pac-it is also packed full of movies and slide shows of places like the Colorado River by raft through the Grand Canyon , California's Cherry Creek class VI white water , Climbs in Yosomite Valley and much more.

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