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If you already earned a copy... this is the order of the songs as they appear on the CDROM, audio cd, and VHS:

Explosive Music

And, by the way... these guys never played together before this recording.

  1. Blues Explosion
  2. I Smell Trouble
  3. Wow!
  4. Are You?
  5. Houston, My Tether's Snapped (What I'd Do for Some Friction)
  6. Tether Recoil
  7. Drop On By
  8. Stormy
  9. Connect
  10. Psychedelic Attack

    Bonus Track

    Presented out of order, so that we may continue to update it.
  11. Two Facades Cutting Bold Faced Liars Down to Size (What's That...? The Jig Up, Jack?)


    Cool Hand: Electric Guitars, Slide Guitar, Bass
    Mar T.: Drums, Percussion, Bass
    Chris: Synthesizer, Bass
    Digital Yoda: Hammond B3, Vocals, Video, Multimeida, Web
    Capn' & Sparky: Animation & Video Post-production
    The Kidz: Themselves

    Animation, Production and Psychetechnical Edgineerin' by
    cd d:\industrial\noize\pollution

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    Music Explosion

    Learn how to earn a free take-home copy.


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