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The Membrane Domain

PAC Disbursement of Knowledge (
  1. Direction by Congressman Jon Fox
  2. Interaction with the FEC - we are a nonconnected political action committee (PAC) that is beneath the registration threshold*, because
    1. the organization that we are connected to, , is not a corporation, therefore; we would not be considered "connected". [phone ref. 12/11/98 Liz, FEC, Dept. Of Information 1(800)424-9530]
    2. we have not "raised or spent" an amount equal to or greater than $1,000USD in any calendar year.
  3. Supporting Federal Candidates (A Guide for Citizens), Federal Election Commission, August 1996 - An individual may help candidates and committees by volunteering personal services. Your services are not considered contributions as long as you are not paid by anyone. As a volunteer, you may spend unlimited money for normal living expenses.