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The Membrane Domain

Membrane Domain:
The Video

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It's been a long time,
Since I've seen...
The inside of your brain.

There's some doubt,
If it even remains.

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by ALASTAIR BRIAN CROXTON: C of E baptised; BA philosophy graduate
Currently claiming DLA (sickness benefit); British; legal driver; w/Mac

Today it was unveiled that psychologists have discovered a human with fifty percent of his mind missing.

The man, from the South of England, was identified as suffering from the previously unheard of syndrome when he was found wandering the streets in a state of shock. Current theories suggest that someone had stolen exactly half of the man's mind during a smash and grap raid. Several thoughts were entirely missing from his mind, although his brain remained intact.

The remaining fraction of his mind made him able to begin to articulate sentences, but he could not finish what he began to say. When asked how he felt, he replied that he was "feeling okay, but". Further questions put to him by the press were met with a similar response. "I just don't seem to be able to finish what I", he said. In one test, the man was asked to tell a joke. he began "a funny thing happened to me on the way... I came across a... I said to the... and he replied... "that's"... and "the funniest thing", but no-one could see how that could be construed as amusing.

Efforts to trace the missing part of the man's psyche are continuing in earnest, though the police need more information from the public.

About the Video and the Soundtrack
written with help from Doc & Sidd

It's always a bit hard trying to explain to people what the Membrane Domain is. After all, it is rare that you see the combining of art, science, business, and philosophy. Traditionally these "camps" have been at war with each other. But at, we've been mixin' em up in a wide array of experiments.

Prompted by globalization and the World Wide Wait, science, art, politics and business are drawn into new, amorphous, partnerships in widely diverse undertakings all over the world... a convergence of what have long been viewed incompatible or non-synergistic disciplines. A unified professional, political and personal reality is emerging -- quantum life.

This project kinda sums it all up:

Put art, science, business and philosophy into the crucible and stir with a feather.

Inside Of Me Brain The S.H.I.T.S. The Lab

Sidd: Vocals and Production
C. Moore: Vocals, Keyboards, Production
Capn': Animation and Production
Todd: Backing Vocals
Willie: Production
Smiley: Graphics
Bob: Bass

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