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The Membrane Domain

d /industrial/noize/pollution

What you get for nothing.

  1. Webdrones
  2. Connect
  3. Mega Epix Enormous
  4. The Strength of Your Will
  5. What's That? The Jig Up, Jack?
  6. When
  7. Feels Like my Tether's Coming Loose Again
  8. Spazzed
    bonus track:
  9. Immigrant Song
We've assembled a take-home collection of these hard rockin' multimedia projects entitled, 999. It is not for sale. The only way to obtain a copy is through the "rite of passage."

The Rite Of Passage

The title of this collection was printed onto the CDROMs by no mere accident. For the first 1,999 souls that successfully make the voyage, a reward is in order. We'll send you a free copy of this experiment via a snailmailman, if you can:
  1. figure out the meaning of 999
  2. bear to mark up the form (below) with your answer

The Rhyme For #9... Will You Guess it in Time?

Though you may consider this riddle a beast,
I'd put it on your list as least.

If you hope to win a prize like this,
your answer must include... "antithesis."

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