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The Membrane Domain

0wn3d by #ashtray lumberjacks
Pickin up where c4rp4r7z left off

Alright , another day another drop. Carpartz reincarnation is in full effect , b4y-b33!@#~
D0n't j00 tr3d 0n c4n4d14n gr0undz!@#~
This page was hacked to get a message across , or something. We the youth of this fine country have grown tired of you old guys. So like support your right to kill old people.
The End shoutz:
h4l0 , j1mm1b01 , bludyjew , jawstopper , jf_ , and yule (THE ONE NUT WONDER!@#)
Technotronic Rhino9 The boy's we're running from LineNoise Milw0rm

"I lub being a lumber jack, I get a funny feeling in my tummy when I look at cows, I like the way my mouth tastes when I wake up in the morning"