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The Membrane Domain


Welcome to the Membrane Domain

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About this web:

This web was established by a cooperative of musicians, writers, computer wizards, businessmen, videots, and just plain ole' interested individuals who are interested in changing the World.

We have entitled the project,

The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment

  • Fed-up with archaic systems, and frustrated with unsuccessful attempts to alter them, we decided to abandon our preconceived notions of how things ought to be done. Perhaps, if you will, in the same vein as our forefathers.

  • The goal of the spirit experiment is to completely circumvent the normal channels and trappings of life. How could we replace all the formalized formulas that have taken the kind out of mankind? How could we help put the spirit back into life?


    Our attempt is to forget about past experiences ... start fresh ... leave our minds open about the future.

    The idea is being put to practice (or should I say lack-of practice) with music , literature, business, moving pictures and more.

    Yes. You will see items for sale. If we should ever be so lucky as to turn a profit, then we might have a serious influence in bettering mankind. Your support is greatly appreciated. (Your non-tax-deductible donations can help make a differencei, too.)

    Whether you decide to participate or just to educate, we hope it is at least a good time @ The Membrane Domain.

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