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The Membrane Domain

The Ride
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  • instrumental

  • It is about that feeling you get when you have the guts to pass through a barrier -- like riding a wave. Sometimes you don't plan on passing through the barrier. You just let your defenses down and go with your gut.

    Thats how the Snake Handlers write and record their music -- no preconceived notions ... no songs are written ahead of their recording. They're handlin' snakes and speaking the voice of immortality through foreign tongues. Just like the feeling of falling through a hole, or jumping from a cliff ... they're jumping to the other side of reality.

  • performed by

    Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers

    C. Moore Teetes - Guitar
    Capn' Figment - Drums
    Wally Mahn - Guitar
    G.B.S. - Bass

    This song was written and recorded live
    ... exactly as you hear it. No overdubs, mixing, or knob twiddlin'.

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