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Welcome Todd Culman

Welcome Todd Culman


I was talking to Sidd about selling the tape. It seems that $7 is a bit much for a 4-song tape. I think that the tape should cost $5 to the purchaser ... I'll ship it.

Why don't you take what you want/need to cover your costs and make a reasonable profit, and I'll take what's left? The studio time and tapes are already paid for, so we don't have any investors to pay off. Our main goal is to get the music out there. If I don't make much money on it, that is ok ... lemme know what you think ....

OK ... well, why don't we start with us not making a profit ... and well take $1 off the top to cover our costs.

And, why don't you send some web page information?



I just sent you the HTML for Gray Matters' homepage. There are three pieces of art/photo's in the HTML.

Would you be interested in digitizing any of the EP? I don't have the facilities to do so and the studio where we recorded it charge exorbitant rates.

Also, I'm slowly getting into General Midi ... I'd be interested in helping with your soundtracks if you need any ... hmmm, our band may be interested in some of that as well, but as you know, our band tends to be much more heavily produced than much of the stuff you do.

That's cool ... do you have cakewalk?

We are also doing little video clips for on the web ... do you have any video equipment?

I don't have any video equipment, save a VCR ... I do have a video of the band, though.

Right now all of the computers that I have access to are in the lab. I don't do any music on the computer, so I don't have cakewalk. I am buying, very soon, a keyboard workstation ... as soon as I sell some old equipment.