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Prospective Records, Todd Culman, Zou-Lou, Baxters', Nate Stelton, and V.I.P.'s

Prospective Records

The Minneapolis record label's kinder, gentler approach to the music industry is a breath of fresh air (not to say that their music doesn't kick butt, too.)


Todd Culman plays piano, keyboards, a bit of percussion, composes and arranges pop/rock/funk/jazz music. Todd is currently playing in the Central Ohio Funk and R & B band called Gray Matters.


Another multi-instrumentalist ... he started as the drummer, and now has mastered the guitar, too. Check out some projects that feature him, like YZARK and Falling Angels.


Baxters' "Anti-Zine" is a truly inspired work. More of his thoughts on The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment will be appearing here very, very soon. If you would like information on obtaining a free copy of his latest issue, click here for his email address. (He just asks that people who can help out send "a buck or two.")


Nate's a multi-instrumentalist for Cindy Stelton's band (and her husband).

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