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"RomBox Charts The Hits" is based on actual downloads, man on the street surveys, reviews, peer insight, traditional radio airplay, request for lyrics, and such. The following links will take you to a webpage where you can look at information about the music and listen to downloadable songs. If you get panicked about trying to look and listen to multimedia on the web, click the panic button at the bottom of the page.

Songs & Multimedia Pages

  1. The Ride
    by The Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers
  2. Can't Hang
    by Stop That Noise
  3. African Herbsman
    by Bob Marly with Richard Ace
  4. Well, Baby
    from Smokin' Blue Grass
  5. 2109
    by Surveyor
  6. Ode to Jimi Hendrix
    from Chaotic Systems
  7. Let Us Live
    by Andy Cahan
  8. Give Your Heart an Attack
    by The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment
  9. Webdrones
    from Webdrones
  10. Peeing In The Pool
    by The Jongleurs
  11. 3rd Planet from the Sun
    by Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers
  12. Info-Combustable
    soundtrack for Yore Killen' Me
  13. The Paradox of Pandora's RomBox
    soundtrack for The Paradox of Pandora's RomBox
  14. I Was A Soul
    by NUdE
  15. Bow Before The King
    by Universal
  16. Daybreak
    by Rocko T. Bello
  17. Pooney Kat
    by Gray Matters
  18. Sexual Deviant
    by Dog's Tooth Violet
  19. Drastic Undertow
    by Drastic Undertow
  20. Takin' It Back
    by Spagg
  21. Hay...
    by The Jongleurs
  22. Steppin' Stone
    by Catching Flies
  23. Scream Dream
    by Bass Sick In Stinks
  24. Reach On Through
    by A Buzz
  25. Bright Eyes
    by Surveyor
  26. Beware!
    by Mother Nature's Suns
  27. Testing
    from Caustic Acoustics
  28. 3 Cool Cats
    by Carl Gardner & The Coasters
  29. Mad Clown Song
    by The Electric Slugs
  30. 3 Cool Cats
    by The Beatles with Industrial Noize Pollution
  31. The Costs & Benefits of Propheteering
    by The Soul Receptacles

Band & Artist Sites

  1. Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers
  2. cd /industrial/noize/pollution
  3. NUdE
  4. Andy Cahan
  5. Stop That Noise
  6. Chaotic Systems
  7. Richard Ace
  8. Dog's Tooth Violet
  9. GAWK
  10. The Jongleurs
  11. Bob Marley
  12. Surveyor
  13. The Coasters
  14. Gray Matters
  15. Miles To Oz
  16. A Buzz
  17. Rocko T. Bello
  18. Spagg
  19. Electric Slugs
  20. Catching Flies
  21. Missing Socks
  22. Bill Pinkney
  23. Burning Spear
  24. Clement Dodd
  25. Universal
  26. Grifter

Indexes, Record Labels, Projects and Zines

  1. The Labyrinth
  2. Glistening Trail Records
  3. Glistening Flicks Multimedia
  4. RomBox.Com
  5. The Best of RomBox.Com
  6. Graphical RomBox Index
  7. Reggae
  8. CDROM #9
  9. Studio 1
  10. Paradox of Pandora's RomBox
  11. World Beat
  12. Yore Killin' Me
  13. The Renegade
  14. Caustic Acoustics

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