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Rollo Bob's Homepage

Rollo Bob
Born: February 1st, 1977
Home: St. Louis, MO
I attend school at Washington University, majoring in
computer engineering and computer science.

What do I do? I've been a member of two student access cable
shows for the last two years.

This year I designed the web page for "The Rollo Show"

The other show is called "Leper's disease" and is a music video show.
We call up the big record companies and ask for their videos.
We have been very successful in our first full year with this show.
The two shows are played at CMSU, Warrensberg, MO.

Rollo's Gems

  • Some radical footage of us playing with fire (a favorite pastime of us country bumpkins)
  • A rave mix of radical snowsports
  • Our spooky Halloween show (800 k avi file) (the Rollo's editing masterpiece to date)
  • Look for the above clip and other Rollo Bob footage in "The Labyrinth" music video.

    Rollo's Equipment

    I have a PC with Corel Draw 6 with Draw Photo paint, Dream 3-d modeler, and Motion 3-d.
    I could model in 3-d or animate 3-d logos spinning or morphing in .avi or .mov format.

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