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The Membrane Domain

Original, moving, powerful music, from the 90's.

Dear Sir's:

I am interested in establishing link's to my home page. I would like to hook up with your list.

Thank you.

Sounds cool. (Went to your page.)

OK ... in order to obtain a link, you must have some involvement. You can either:

a) start you own discussion
b) join in on one already going

Now, I suppose you could say that you have started a discussion -- you wrote me (G? B.R.O.U.S.E. in the Romper Room). If you just click around on this page a little bit, you will find temporary, complimentary passwords. You might want to check out what other people are doing. Then, send me some sights and sounds (Get it? The bird chirps and the name of your band.) to go with your train of thought. The idea being to create a multi-media, rock n' roll, adventure. If you are having trouble hearing or seeing on the web, try clicking over to our help section.

Are you aware that we are putting together an independent record distribution network? Musicians can house their web pages for free and sell their music. We are looking for a chairperson to help organize it. Are you interested?

So, lets see what you (or anyone else) have to say:

Please be sure to leave your name and email address if you favor a reply. Then, press this button to
enter your Romp:

Don't forget to put your Romper Stompers on first ... and, get out your Do-Be.