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The Membrane Domain

The Labyrinth
by The Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers

album cover

Review courtesy of Geoff Wilbur and The Renegade Newsletter


  1. Give Your Heart An Attack
  2. Apocalyptic Vision
  3. The Labyrinth
  4. Bottomless Pit
  5. Webdrones
  6. The Man Over There
  7. King of Police
  8. The Costs & Benefits of Propheteering
  9. Open The Shade?
  10. The Ride
  11. You Can't Unseat The Beat
  12. Sad & Blue

Atmospheric, experimental music journeys are Philadelphia Spirit Experiment specialties. This web-inclusive multimedia project meanders, providing an interesting backdrop to other daily events. Featured performers are:

Thadious - bass, vocals, guitars & keyboards
C. Moore - vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards & beer can
Capn' - percussion
Wally - guitar
Zoo Lou - percussion
Horton - pitch bender


the tunesthemultimediathe inside
the rom box

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