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  1. The Ride
    by The Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers
  2. Daddy
    by Dog's Tooth Violet
  3. Screamin' For Your Love
    by The Electric Slugs
  4. Well, Baby
    by Smokin' Blue Grass
  5. Steppin' Stone
    byCatching Flies
  6. The Man Over There?
    soundtrack for The Labyrinth
  7. Hot Blooded
    by cd d:\industrial\noize\pollution
  8. Waiting In The Wings
    by Spagg
  9. King Of Police
    by Yzark
  10. Give Your Heart an Attack
    by The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment
  11. Strength of a Black Woman
    by Gray Matters
  12. Info-Combustable
    soundtrack for Yore Killen' Me
  13. Scream Dream
    by Bass Sick In Stinks
  14. The Costs & Benefits of Propheteering
    byThe Soul Receptacles

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