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Thanks Prospective

Up to this point, we have been packaging the material into same sounding, same musician groups. This project was approached differently. Varying combinations of musicians where joined together with an overall concept in mind - good vs. evil. Of course, this brings up many other questions ... like sex, drugs, & rock n' roll, but we had better leave that discussion for another time.

The result was/is a thrillogy of albums. As these songs were/are written and recorded live ... in various locations (from basements to bathrooms) ... they may be too unusual?

Since you have been so helpful, I wanted to seek out your opinion before investing any more time.

Thanks for the tape. It was hilarious. I really enjoyed it. I wasn't the only one who liked it here. I don't think you really need to record it in a bigger studio. It's great the way it is.

Thank you.

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