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The Membrane Domain

The Shape of Things to Come: What's New in the World of Music

The Experiment Continues

Phase II
So, what have we learned up till now?

  • Experience is not necessary.
  • You can do anything that you want to do.

    What are you waiting for? Hop on the train of life ....

    Havin' A Ytrap, the best of Phase I's music, is available two ways: you can find it for free within this web's links, or you can simply buy it. The "best of" is really a transition into Phase II. It marks a move toward three new ideas for the world of music:

  • Completely Live Albums
    Albums written and recorded as you here them. From the extreme of a real-time jam session to albums pieced together from a single recording session. All of these albums have been recorded directly to a digital source. They have never been touched by the human hand. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. Perhaps the closest to soul, the blues, heavy metal thunder, folk, rock n' roll, or ambient, man has ever come?

  • Perpetual Albums
    A combination of songs are put together from various recording sessions. Some of the songs appear on the above mentioned Live Albums, and some do not. They are put together because they belong together. As the Musicmaster grows, so do the albums. (The Musicmaster is a beast of personalities.) You could get a copy this month that is very much different then the copy you obtain in three months.

  • On-Line Album Covers
    To keep the cost of the music as low as we can, we are putting our effort into web pages instead of album covers. You can come visit any time, the pages are constantly updated, and it is a multi-media experience. Sure beats the old way, hugh?

    Since Sony is not doing a very fine job of promoting "mini-discs", we will soon be adding CD's to the choice of listening mediums.

    Here is a glimpse into the future and a look back at the past ....