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Peter is in the Crosshairs
a real-life email article produced from correspondence between
Peter Cross
Peter Cross

C. Moore
C. Moore

When I Realized That I Can Realize Dreams....

C. Moore Wow! I just listened to "a day at the orifice"... hehehe... and "sweet" come to mind... the solidness of the tunes and the wide variety of styles is amazing.

Cross says: "Variety is the Spice of Life"

C. Moore What makes you think you can do it? Doesn't the record industry have a rule about stretching the envelope on style? Isn't it a must that all the songs sound the same?

Cross wonders:

  1. What makes me think I can "do it"? "Do what?" Achieve non-stop orgasm on camera? No, I only KNOW that given the opportunity in the recording studio with my "team" of players and engineers, I can continue to produce song after song with similar high quality, memorable lyrics and hooks... hits, maybe? ...until the day I die. And, that is my minimum goal.
  2. Having been around the block 8 times (I got maybe one more life left), the "industry" and its unfaithful fluctuations mean nothing to me. Because when all is said and done, I satisfy no one. Myself, and a few chosen "independent" verifiers make sure I'ím not COMPLETELY NUTS.

C. Moore intestinal fortitude - it appears as though you are making your dreams come true through intestinal fortitude?

Cross says: Intestinal convolutions, large or small, have NOTHING to do with it. I have taken Metamucil with absolutely no effect, thus disproving that theory for all time. And, I have an anal retentive fear of enemas. So, you barium nurses can take a back seat for the time being. It appears that I am compelled to pursue this musical dream for several reasons:

  1. I have nothing better to do.
  2. God keeps inspiring me with songs that are too good NOT to record.
  3. From time to time, I have excess money and no non-musical desires left to inflame.
  4. I am an obsessive-compulsive Type A male.
  5. I was born in New York City... what other excuse do I need????

C. Moore speaking of dreams... where did this quote come from?

"Occasionally, Stars cross for a reason... and if we are truly lucky, many needy souls will benefit."

Cross I made the quote up myself, as I was typing the email to you. And, I put it in quotes because it seemed to be quite quotable. Apparently, I was correct because it tweaked your interest.

C. Moore I'm friends with a band called Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers and found your letterhead quite interesting:

"Follow the crossed star to the place where dreams are reality. Therein lies immortality"

Cross Well, I made that one up, too. It's in the form of a Japanese Haiku, because I fancy myself a poet. If you check out my webpage that explains the Starcrost Logo, you will understand the truth behind the haiku (and you will know about as much about it as I do.)

C. Moore I'm also involved in some conversations about eschatology and realized eschatology... are you prepared to help others make their dreams come true? Or, are you only interested in your own dreams?

Cross If I had the power to make EVERYBODY's dreams come true except for mine, I WOULD DO IT. However, I donít have the power to do either, so what relevance do my preferences really have???

C. Moore Please forgive me for not knowin', but you had an overnight rise to stardom before?

Cross Yeah. Right in the beginning... from the bedroom to the festival stage.

Stay Tuned to Find Out:
How the Cross Caught Fire

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