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a non-average type of guy.

Greetings all and welcome to my homepage!

I am a college student and, being such, am supposed to be relatively diverse. Hopefully this homepage will tell you a lit tle about myself using some really cool links! (it is too often on the internet that we get directed to really useless links, so I promise that all of mine are at least informative, if not interesting.) So kick back and surf for a while!< br>

About Me

Well, there isn't much to say. I am an engineering student at Villanova University. This is a really cool school with a great Basketball team! I like to ski, as a matter of fact, you can see some picts of my friends and I who went f or a week trip over winter break by clicking HERE! (warni ng, this is really image intensive, it will take a while to load.)
Now, I am not really that into sports, I play for fun and such, but I do follow Philade lphia's Teams! So, I compiled a list of. . .

Sports links!

A cousin of mine "plays" for the


However, I have to let my friends believe that I really root for the


Of course, as an Eagles fan,I have to hate the


I did used to watch a bit of hockey, but the


really stink. Then again, so do the


Few have ever heard of the


but I had a few friends in high school who used to go to games all the time.
As far as basketball, you can eithor watch the afore men tioned Wild cats, or the


Now, I have always been a firm believer that any educated man should stay well versed in his comics, and the wo rld wide web can help with that! I have compiled a list of


I think that we can all agree that


has always been, and will always be the best cartoon. My favorites have always been the Snow art ones. But all the others were cool too.

An old favorite of min e is

The Far Side!

Check out the old

Bloom county

for a good laugh. (Check out the weapons on t his page!)

As an engineer, I can also find a lot of fun in


Or th e new Bloom County,


Often times I feel like Jason from

Fox Trot!

And of course,


I have done a lot of work with sound over the years. I love music, but it is no good unlessyou can HEAR it! So here is my

Sound Equipment Links!

For st ereo equipment, I always go for eithor


or sometimes I go for

Panas onic

I love a good amp in a sound system. Some of the best I've use d came from


Especially when you pair them up with a pair of

Community Speakers!

I have played a little guitar, and so hav e most of my friends. Personally there is nothing sweeter than a

Fender Guitar.

And for general sound equipmen t, you know you can always turn towards


I also liste n to a lot of music. I have created two seperate links here. The first is my l inks for secular music. I do a bit of DJing, and these are the groups that get spun the most. The second is my links for christian music, which personally I t hink needs a lot more publicity.




Well, I suppose t hat after all of this surfing, a good video game would do you well. Try one of my. . .


Ta ke a look at Interplay, makers of such cool games as:


Blizzard entertainment! , the makers of:

War craft 2


And finally, at the end of the page I'll do more about me.


I live in a small town called Sharon Hill, just outside of South West Philadelphia. (This is an area actually known as Delaware County.I have always been a war buff, historically. The branch that fascinates me the most is the Air Force. My friend Bill Moyer is in the Air Force ROTC as a matter of fact.

For those of us not in the states, Philadelphia is in Pennsylvania, in the US.
And for those of us who didn't know where, the capital is in Washington D.C.)
If you want to complain about the government, try visiting the White House link!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your stay here, and please come again, this sight will change often.In the mean time, try out some of these

Cheack out the weather. . .


Surf the web from Yahoo by clicking. . .


Or Surf the web better using netscape by clicking. . .


In the mood to play a game? Try out Riddler!, Click


Thanks to all, E-mail me at
Please Send any good links, report any bad ones, and report any problems with this page.

Coming soon: Military Links, History links, search engine links, and tourniquet page (christian metal band).