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The Membrane Domain

How to change the sounds your computer makes:

step 1) Choose your weapon.

Does your computer make lame noises? The same old, boring tadas and chimes? You can change all of that. First, find a new sound. You can click here to view our sound library's card catalog, or choose from one of our favorites:

a) Alice going through the looking glass.
b) Regurgitation.
c) The ghost in the machine.

(Please remember that all sounds are copywritten. They are available for personal use only.)

step 2) Save it.

If you are using Windows 3 or Windows 95, you can just save the sound file to c:\windows. Then go to control panel and click on sounds.

Windows 95:
Click on "start", then "settings", followed by "control panels" and "sounds". Choose a sound like "default beep" and then click "browse". You will probably need to change the directory from "media" to "windows". All that is left to do is choose the sound you want to replace it with.

Windows 3:
In the box on the right, highlight the new sound to go with the action on the left ... like for "default beep". After you click OK, you are done.

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