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The Membrane Domain

The Trashing Thrills of the Millennium Mania Blues Band

In a one of a kind, live, recording session for The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment, members of The Electric Slugs, cd d:\industrial\noize\pollution, and Yzark, felt the blues.


Havin' A Good Time? The Girl Swirl, Heaven Knows, Be Mine Tonight, I've Gotta Tell You, (Your Killin' Me), The 5:00 Whistle, Over Reaction, Apocoliptic Vision (soundtrack to "Watch For Falling Angels" liner notes), Born Again Virgin, Babbling Baboon, My Life/The Band

Four humans, who had never played together before, got together one night. They played electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards, drums, flute, and a fretless bass. And, they sang songs that were never played before. They played songs that were not written before. There were no overdubs. There was no mixing. This was blues ... er ... a ... is the blues in the flesh. This is blues sprouting from soul. This is what rock n' roll is suppose to be about?

Mohs' Scale Rating = 6

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