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School Phone: (610) 941-0305
Pager (215) 286-0007 & (201) 607-5872
E-Mail: RMILLE01@UCIS.Vill.Edu & RMILLE01@Student.Vill.Edu

Welcome to my homepage. There are many things that I would like to do with this page, yet only so much time to do them. As a senior I have been doing the going to class/job search thing for a while now. In addition to that, I have been working at the computer lab on campus and trying to maintain a healthy social life. Eating and sleeping, although required, hasn't been the highest thing on my priority list. So forgive me if there is something in this page that you don't understand.

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MailTO: If you like what you see let me know! My intentions are to maintain a page for the public, not for myself. Send your comments, questions and remarks to me via e-mail.

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