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How to Invest for Rate of Return

How to Invest for Rate of Return
Martin Dekom

Your search for a better finance karma has brought you to the Invest for Rate of Return page. Without delay let the following be said: Your momma didn't raise any fools, so do your homework before making any investment. Hopefully the information you garner here will be a profitable part of your due diligence.

The name "Invest for Rate of Return," suggestive as it may be, is to indicate the underlying philosophy that your relationship with a stockbroker has nothing to do with a golf swing or a cute bauble at Christmas. Feel free to judge the quality of the work presented here based upon the results. If this does not lead you to a better method of investing, the mission had failed.

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As food forthought, the following subjects are covered briefly:

Risk vs. Reward
Mutual Fund Myths
Options You Can Use
Long Term vs. Short Term
Information About Your Host
Stock Du Jour (newsletter)
Dinka... Dinka....
But They'd Look Good in Stripes
Spring Cleaning and The Stock Market


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