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Motive Power Review

A Comprehensive Source For Railroad Locomotive Rosters

Featuring over 50 railroad rosters, the Rotary Snowplow List, E and F unit lists, diesel production statistics and other documents.

Haze Gray And Underway

An Online Source for Naval Information

Featuring fleet lists for USN, USCG, NOAA, RN and Canada, extensive aircraft carrier, battleship, and cruiser lists, photo features, naval news and dozens of other documents. Over 200 photos linked to various documents and lists.

The Wild Blue Yonder

Aircraft Data Online

Featuring SR-71 information, F-117, U-2/TR-1, D-21, SR-71/A-12 serial numbers, B-58 list, aviation museums and other documents

Tom Clancy FAQ

Consolidated Military FAQs

The FAQs for sci.military.naval, sci.military.moderated, rec.aviation.military, the Designation Systems FAQ, and the Acronyms and Codenames FAQ.

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