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Suburbia Art Loft

Stefania Luciani

Born 1961 -

About The Artist

Stefania worked and lived in Spain, France, Italy, and the USA. As a child she worked the land, tended the animals, and played in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

In the United States, Stefania received a university education in foreign languages, literature and art. Her Master of Fine Arts degree was earned in 1987, at the University of Pennsylvania where she studied under Neil Welliver.

Stefania works in her Suburbia Art Loft and lives with her three little children. Her work is on exhibition in the United States and Europe and is now available via the internet.

For current exhibition information contact Stefania at 610.279.9411

Oil Paintings

Il Nonno Pasquale Luciani

oil on gesso board 42x45cm
In the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Gisela Alter
ADVANTA Corporation
Horsham, Pennsylvania

The Painter's Grandmother with Folded Hands

oil on canvas 71x86cm


oil on canvas 71x91cm

Natura Morta con Poncho Messicano

oil on canvas 56x76cm

Quel Attivita

oil on canvas 56x81cm

La Casa di Biaggio

oil on canvas 71x91cm

Still Life with Rococo Coffee Pot

oil on canvas 76x81cm

Flowers in Vase

oil on canvas 71x71cm

La Venne

oil on canvas 91x76cm

The Esperdy Women

oil on canvas 102x117cm
In the collection of Theresa and Sergio Esperdy

Portrait of the Royal-White Family

oil on canvas 122x147cm
In the collection of Dr. Cheryl Jo White and Bruce Royal Esq.

Landscape; Union Mills, Maryland

oil on canvas 86x45cm

Landscapes of the American Southwest

oil on canvas
6 panels, 226x81cm each
In the collection of Arroyo Grille
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I Giocatori


Stone Cuttings

Portrait of Letters: SLM QRA

stone cutting on slate 32x32cm
In the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Gisela Alter
ADVANTA Corporation
Horsham, Pennsylvania


Man with White Face: Gender Series #7

selenium, spotone blue, silver gelatin print 17x25cm
In the collection of Mr. Jeffrey Pearson, New York, NY

I Giocatori, I

sepia tone silver gelatin print 25x17cm

All work © Stefania Luciani.


For information on purchasing a work, or to inquire about commissioned work, please click here.

995 Carriage Lane
Blue Bell, PA 19422
Phone or Fax - 610.279.9411
email Stefania

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