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Glistening Trail Records' Guide to Finding Blue-Eyed Soul Blues

Recipe for a Healthy, Heapin' Portion of Blue-Eyed Soul Blues


The Blues - Music that expresses the inner most feelings of the musician.

Soul Music - Music that expresses the outer most feelings of the musician.

Ambiance - Music where you can feel the atmosphere created by the musician's feelings.

About The Crucible

The mixing bowl in which music is written, recorded and distributed to the public will determine the authenticity of the music. As musicians have sold their souls to the devil over the last 50 years, we have come to know music as the Music Business. Can authentic soul or blues music be found today? The thing about the blues is ... you can't stop it. And, we won't compromise it.

Our Crucible

A bathtub, a boat, a basement, a bedroom ....

Mix Carefully -- Hand Stir

The problem with planning a song is that you rehearse, engineer, and produce away it's very essence -- the feeling. Familiarity breeds boredom, therefore; why not really mix it? Take real life people, put them together in a place with atmosphere, and let them make contact with the blues ... and let them find soul? As the inner feelings collide, or flow, with outer feelings, the sound is captured in a real world setting.

Why You Can't Find Music Like This

The layers upon layers of non-felt meddling that goes on in a commercial released album prohibits the feeling from getting through. Is there anything you can do? Yes. First, make a sound that qualifies as the blues. Then, make a sound that qualifies as coming from a soul. (You can try mixing them together, and with other peoples sounds, after you loosen up a bit ... hehehehe.)


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The Mohs' Scale rating will tell you the severity of the sound.

Ambient and Folk
The Soul Receptacles
The Cave Dwellers
Mother Nature's Suns

Rock N' Roll, Progressive, Hypnotic and Expanding Space
The Trashing Thrills of the Millenium Mania Blues Band
Spontaneous Combustion

Aggressive, Punk, Heavy Meddle and Apparent Insanity
cd d:\industrial\noize\pollution
The Electric Slugs

Compilation, Concept and Totaly Mixed Nutz
The Best of Phase 1
A Bizarre Bazaar
Falling Angels


Falling Angles

Live From Planet #3

A Perpetual Album of rockers about life on Earth. It rates a 7 on the Mohs' Scale.
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