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The Membrane Domain

The Legal Axemen Movement
from the Rock N' Roll Romper Room


Lawyer of the first party, Leflaw, is out researching legal web sites when he stumbles across lawyer of the second party, The Fish.

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The Fish,

Nice sight ... for a Guitar player or a lawyer. Not so sweet Martha Lorraine! What kind of Law do you do? Class actions, med-mal, copyright, and trademark are my bags.

I also play the 4 & 5 string electric violin, guitar and some keyboards. In fact, I just produced a reggae album, Richard Ace and the Sons of Ace.

Check out my site? Reciprocal linkage?


Yes! Reciprocal linkage! I am adding you to my site today.

I am a Deputy Public Defender in Mendocino County, California. Delighted, of course, to hear from another lawyer-musician or musician-lawyer (whatever order you prefer).

Best regards.


Dig this!! He must get a mention at!

Also, did you see the email from the people who were looking for their lost father? They found him through the combined efforts of Membrane and Leflaw ... only to learn that he just passed away in January! But they are grateful to us for helping find their lost family.

WE are definitely ready for a press agent.


Are you telling me this guy is a lawyer and Country Joe's guitar player? Very cool ... let's recruit 'em for the think-tank?

Hmmm ... I think I lost the lost family email. Can you resend?

ps. Do you know the scene in "Woodstock" were they do a close-up of Country Joe's band? I keep hearin' that in my head....

The Fish,

Hello ... I'm the webmaster @ the Membrane Domain.

Besides the business and legal webs on our server, we have an extensive music site. When asked me to put a link to your homepage, I noticed that you were the guy from "Woodstock."

1) would you be up for an email interview ... between us ... that would be published in the Rock N' Roll Romper Room?

2) Also, we are doin' a multi-media thingie ... and would love to have some footage of you. Have you any avi/mov/mpeg files, 8mm, or VHS of yourself that we could use?

3) Most importantly, our think-tank is in need of your sort. Our plan @ the Membrane Domain is to help better mankind. Anyone interested in giving a hand is welcome. In a nutshell, the idea is to:

  • Generate income through businesses such as The Internet Gazette ... with profits re-invested and applied to worthy causes.
  • Promote "thinking" ... by nurturing a think-tank, donating web and internet communications, and creating "hype" in the market place of the human race (... including issues like censorship of the internet.)
  • Have sum phun.

    Thanx for your time. I shall await your advice.


    ps Is that you in the movie?

    Hi Webdrone,

    Yes, I'm the guy in the movie. I don't mind helping with a (reasonable) email interview; however, movies/cd roms/etc. gets a lot more involved as various rights are involved that entail a paper trail, etc. (any footage you'd want is owned by a number of people, e.g., other band members, filmmakers, etc.).

    Just leaping off to your rrguide.html to give myself more of an idea of what's happening there!

    to be continued ....